The next major lithium discovery

We are on the cusp of a global green energy revolution that will require efficient high-capacity energy storage solutions.

The significant developments and growth in Lithium batteries for portable applications, electric vehicles and large scale battery applications make Lithium a proven solution.

The Lithium industry is faced with the challenge to keep up with increasing demand with very few new discoveries being made during the last 30 years and fewer mines having been put into production in recent years.

Tres quebradas (3q)

3Q is the most recent high-grade lithium brine lake and salar complex discovery in the lithium triangle.

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Right in the heart of the Lithium Triangle, the 3Q Project is located in Catamarca Province, Argentina the largest lithium producing and mining-friendly province in Argentina.
The 3Q Project has one of the highest-grade lithium brine projects in the world, with a large salar and lithium brine lake covering more than 150km2 and the Company controls more 350km2 in and around the complex. The 3Q Project is 100% owned by Neo Lithium.
The Company has obtained environmental permitting to complete exploration and the pilot plant and has also obtained the easement agreement to access the project for future construction at the project site. The Company is currently working on the completion of environmental permitting (EIA) as part of mine construction permit in Q1/Q2 2018.
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The grade and size of recent maiden resource estimate for the 3Q Project places the project as one of the highest grade lithium brine deposits in the world.

The maiden resource estimate released on May 23, 2017 for the 3Q Project identified the following lithium carbonate resources:

  • 1,339,546 tonnes of inferred resources at 713 mg/L and 714,242 tonnes of measured and indicated resources at 716 mg/L at a cut off of 520 mg/L Lithium

  • At a cut off of 400 mg/L Lithium, the 3Q Project hosts 2.23 million tonnes inferred resources and 1.22 million tonnes measured and indicated lithium carbonate equivalent with an average grade of 577 mg/L Lithium

Company Highlights

  • One of the highest-grade lithium brine assets in the world combined with the lowest critical impurity content of any known salar making it ideal for well-known and simple evaporation processing
  • 8th largest resource of lithium carbonate after one season of drilling with significant potential for upside
  • 100% ownership - The only Lithium company that owns an entire salar of this size without competitors or third parties
  • Fully permitted to feasibility- EIA well advanced and expected to be finalized in Q1/Q2 2018
  • Strong cash position and robust shareholder register

Experienced board and management focused on the Lithium sector.

CEO, Waldo Perez, was the original founder and past CEO of Lithium Americas.

Chairman, Constantine Karayannopoulos was the director of Lithium Americas and an original founder of Neo Materials, now Molycorp.

Board and management members have strong experience in business development and capital markets.

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