We are on the cusp of a global energy transformation on the back of the lithium-ion battery technology. In the near future, the lithium industry will face the challenge to increase production to meet the demand required for the electrification of transportation. Neo Lithium’s 3Q Project is the pre-eminent lithium brine asset in the world to meet this demand. We aim to become one of the most sustainable lithium producers in the market by designing energy efficient facilities, minimizing carbon footprint in our operation, minimizing freshwater consumption, and promoting a sustainable future for the community and the industry.


"3Q is one of the best lithium brine projects under any metric. In terms of grade, it is top three worldwide. In terms of size, it is the seventh largest brine project with significant blue-sky potential. Finally, in terms of impurities, it has the lowest impurities of any known salar. These qualities would allow us to develop a low-cost process with a very low capital intensity when compared to other brine projects worldwide."

Waldo Perez, President and CEO.

Neo Lithium discovered and is developing its flagship project Tres Quebradas [3Q] in record time.


December 2015

The first campaign work involved collection of 255 surface brine samples from lakes, Salt flat, rivers, and geothermal springs throughout the property. Results were used to map the distributions of lithium, potassium, and other parameters in surface brines.

NLC goes public $20M

July 2016

On July 18, 2016, NLC announce the completion of the previously announced qualifying transaction with POCML 3 Inc. and the successful concurrent raise of close to $20M.

Financing $25m

February 2017

Successfully closed an upsized a bought deal of units (1 share plus ½ warrant) at a price of C$1.10 per Unit for a total successful raise of ~$25m.

227% Resource Increase

May 2017

Announce its maiden resource estimate for the 3Q lithium brine project.


October 2017

Announced the positive results of its preliminary economic assessment ("PEA") for the production of lithium carbonate at the 3Q lithium brine project.

Financing + Warrants ~$45m

November 2017

Closed an upsized bought deal of common shares at $1.95 for ~$30m and also received C$15.6m from the acceleration of outstanding warrants from the previous $25m financing in early 2017.

Update Resource 43-101

July 2018

Announced a resource estimate update for its 3Q lithium project with a 227% increase in measured and indicated categories.

Pilot Plant / Base Line

October 2018

Comprehensive environmental baseline study finalized with positive results and submitted to the Catamarca Province authorities, paving way for final mining approvals.

Pilot evaporation ponds expanded and producing high grade concentrate, and lithium carbonate pilot plant completed, with operation and training starting imminently.


March 2019

Announced extremely positive PFS after-tax results on its 3Q Project with over US$1.1B NPV8% and ~50%IRR.

EIA Submission

April 2016

Announced submission of its environmental impact assessment (EIA) for Construction of its 3Q Project

Pilot Plant / Lithium Carbonate Production

September 2019

Successful production of 99.1 % Lithium Carbonate in the first batch from its pilot plant

Lithium Industrial Park

October 2019

Creation of a lithium industrial park in Fiambalá for the future construction of the plant

Battery Grade Li2CO3

March 2020

Production of battery grade lithium carbonate ~99.6%

Strategic Investment by CATL

September 2020

CATL ~$8.5M investment for ~8% of NLC, a board position and a joint DFS and define construction financing.

$30M Bought Deal

Feb 2021

9,900,000 shares of the Company at a price of C$3.05

High-grade Resource Increase 125%

Jun 2021

Announced a resource estimate update for its 3Q lithium project with a 125% increase in measured and indicated categories.

99.9% Purity Lithium Carbonate achieved

Jun 2021



Located in the Lithium Triangle

40% of global production.

90% of Brine Resource.

3Q Project is 100% owned and NLC controls entire salar.

Excellent access with current infrastructure.

High Grade

High Grade. Low Impurities and Large reserve Base

3rd highest lithium brine grade in the world.

Lowest critical impurity content in the world (SO4&Mg)

P&P Reserves 1.7 Mt LCE.

Resources 5.4 Mt LCE.

Proven Processing

Proven Processing

Similar process producing in the region >20 years.

Fully functional laboratories, pilot scale ponds and plant.

3q Project pilot plant producing battery grade lithium carbonate 99.9%

Outstanding Result

Outstanding Result

Feasibility Study complete.

20ktpa Lithium Carbonate annual production with post-tax PFS result of US$ 1.1B NPV8%, ~40% IRR and payback of < 2.3years.

Best in Class

Best in Class

Low impurity = Low OPEX

US$ 2,953/t OPEX is lowest quartile in the industry.

High grade = Low CAPEX

~US$ 18,500/t CAPEX intensity one of the lowest of any greenfield development.


Proven Team / Structure

Strong strategic partner - CATL

Very strong technical domestic lithium experience.

Permits in place. EIA approval imminent.

Fiscal stability in the place.

Strong w/c and best in the class institutional ownership.