Working to achieve
a sustainable future for the planet

Based on ethical, environmental economic and social values, we are on our way to co-create the most important sustainable Lithium project in Argentina.

Oil has been the primary source of energy for over a century. However, thanks to technology breakthroughs, lithium batteries are now a reality and the change of this paradigm is inevitable. We are now able to store energy in a safe and reliable battery with minimum impact in environment diminishing global warming. Today's electric vehicles, portable applications and large scale batteries for grid stabilization are becoming efficient ways to decrease consumption of fossil fuels.

We embrace the Sustainable Development Goals of UN (, making emphasis on the following areas

During the last 5 years of hard work, we have created a high quality, well trained team, with values based on transparency, equality, respect and commitment. We believe that our sustainable strategy is what help us achieve our project goals.


Team Health
and Safety

Environmental Stewardship

Social Responsability and Community

Gobernance and Economic